Skin Treatment FAQs

How do I know what treatment will be good for my skin?

Our suggestion to this is to firstly book yourself in for a skin consult. Skin consultations are free of charge and will allow us some time to assess your skin and speak with you about your concerns. Following this we can then organise a suitable time with you to book in a treatment that will be suited entirely to your skin.

If you are really wanting to lock in a treatment and don’t have time for a consultation then we would always recommend starting with a DMK enzyme level one.

Can I have a treatment if I have recently had cosmetic injections?

If you have recently had injectable treatments done then you will need to wait two to four weeks before having any skin or laser treatments done. For an accurate answer on this matter please call the clinic and speak with one of our skin therapists who will be able to help you further.

Do you offer skin programs and packages?

Yes we certainly do. We can tailor our packages to suit each individual and make sure you also receive the correct home care products to ensure you are getting the best results. 

Do you offer any treatments for blonde hairs on the face?

YES! The DMK Alkaline Wash system is a remarkable hair removable system designed to reduce fine downy dense facial hair. The alkaline wash is painless and effective as the high Ph. solution dissolves deep down into the hair shaft, weakening the papilla. 

Can I have treatments done if I’m pregnant?

YES!! There is a number of amazing treatments we can still do whilst you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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